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Homemade Dog Food per Chinese Medicine

Chances are that we will never buy another bag of commercial dog food again! We have tried them all. Well, our fur baby has tried them all. And most of them sit in her bowl all day because she prefers to eat what we are eating. And, frankly, it is easier to feed her what we are eating. Over Aphie’s …

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Tradition Chinese Veterinary Medicine

My little son was 2 when his father plopped him down on the floor with a litter of the cutest …

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Black Wings

This is all about the color, that deep dark black that can transform ordinary chicken wings into unearthly cuisine. With …

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Vegan Lunch – Nori Rolls and Japanese White Sauce

To be perfectly honest, this lunch happened because I had white sticky rice to use up. Nori rolls take A …

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Sushi Rice, Morimoto Inspired

This rice is Masaharu Morimoto-inspired because if you are going to make sushi rice, why not look to the master? …

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Tempura Tofu – Vegan

Tempura should be very light and delicate. It may be so light that it does not even fully cover the …

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Stephanie’s Vegan Japanese White Sauce

Great with rice… Great with veggies… Great with seafood… Great with steak… Just plain great. White sauce is crazy simple …

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Vegan Lunch – Green Celery Soup and Purple Cauliflower

When the weather starts to cool, the soups come out. Creamy, brothy, chunky, smooth, they are all good. They warm …

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Vegan Lunch – White Bean Quesadillas

While I am on a vegan lunch roll, here is another one! These babies are packed with protein, good fats, …

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Vegan Lunch – Ciabatta with Italian Adzuki

Less meat, more vegetables is a generally a pretty good idea for everyone. Even cavemen. Variety in ingredients, tons of …

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Vegan Lunch – Creamy Cool Almond Pinwheels

Doing vegan lunch on a budget and on the run can be challenging. If you limit or eliminate animal consumption, …

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