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The Water Element – Vital Resource

“Wisdom is the virtue that empowers us to stand firmly in the face of the unknown and chart a steady course through uncertain waters.” – Lonnie Jarrett The final phase of the life cycle, the element of winter, in Traditional Chinese this is the water element. This is part of a serious or articles featuring the basic principles of Traditional …

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Bbballs3 E1453400723694

Black Bean Bites

Protein packs that use up stale tortilla chips. I’m in! In fact, this uses up several leftovers in my fridge, …

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Swpotatocasserolecake3 E1453139818470

Sweet Potato Casserole Cake

It’s about to get all “Chopped” up in here. What do you do when you buy too many Japanese Jeweled …

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Cashewmaccrunch1 E1451520819262

Creamy Cashew Mac topped with Crunchy Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips

I am blessed with a very cool little group of frugal friends. No bargain goes unnoticed, no opportunity to simplify …

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Cashewsauce13 900 E1451513735627

Easy Creamy Cashew Sauce

This delicious sauce came from some raw cashew flour that needed to be used up. It worked out really well! …

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Candybudhashand1 E1451425230501

Candied Buddha’s Hand

Buddha’s Hand may look like something from another planet, but it is essentially just a lemon with fingers. A very …

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Salty Yolk1 E1450814758887

Chinese Salty Eggs

To make traditional Chinese Mooncakes with egg yolks in the center, you need salty eggs. To make salty eggs, you …

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Steak Purplemash2 E1450379185644

Star Wars Food!!!

December 17, 2016  and The Force Awakens! My nerdy sci-fi kids are ready (and so is their Mom). We have …

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Creature Milk3 E1450122690785

Bantha Milk

Any good Star Wars themed soiree, would be remiss if it did not include Bantha Milk. Just sayin’ This rich blue …

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Blue Drink Drinks Righthandeventscom2

Star Wars Theme Drinks

Admittedly, my knowledge of spirits is sadly lacking. To respect the pros, and avoid embarrassing myself, when looking for fail-proof …

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Petfood Tcm1 1

Homemade Dog Food per Chinese Medicine

Chances are that we will never buy another bag of commercial dog food again! We have tried them all. Well, …

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