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Ramp Pot5 Squ E1432231572526

Ramps and Potatoes… Potatoes and Ramps!

Do try this at home! …if you haven’t already. Because if you have, then you probably look for ramps whenever they are in season. Ramps are a beautiful gift of spring! They are the Rolls Royce of aromatics, with hints of garlic and onion. They are delicious in just about anything you would cook with garlic and onions. They pair …

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Fava1 E1432226228363

Simple Fava Beans with Fresh Herbs

Breezing right over the obligatory Chianti reference… pairing fresh bright fava beans with the most synergistic flavors is a very …

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Bammies3 E1430853520181

Jamaican Bammies

Looking for something cool to do with yuca (aka cassava or manioc)? How about simple crispy Jamaican Bammies? Versions of …

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Kom Taste2 E1429477150404

Flavored Drinks and Recipes from Kombucha

As promised! Notes from Candy’s Kombucha class. Check out the Intro to Kombucha post HERE. And Make your own – …

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Lentil5 E1430670685723

Vegan Lentil Soup with Mustard Greens

This is for my friend Kayrie, and for anyone who loves a hearty soup that will fill you up without …

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Kom Ready2 E1429476859101

How to Make Continuous Kombucha Brew

As promised! Notes from Candy’s Kombucha class. Check out the Intro to Kombucha post HERE. Candy is thorough, and neat, …

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Brandy Cherries4 Feature1 E1430503151279

Chocolate Dipped Brandy Soaked Cherries

For weeks I have been anxiously anticipating the arrival of summer bing cherries. The season is so short and so …

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Yoda Stew2 2 E1430011059367

Yoda’s Rootleaf Stew

In honor of Star Wars Day… Hardcore Star Wars fans will immediately notice the faux pas on this page. But …

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Yodastewvegan1 E1430241616674

Yoda’s Rootleaf Stew – Vegan

Yes, I’m serious. Yoda stew. Because I am surrounded by nerds, I mean SciFi fans. There is a school of thought that …

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Eggless Rolls2 E1429802049701

Eggless Egg Roll Wrappers with Sprouted Filling

A shatteringly crisp and crunchy wrap makes just about ANY filling it holds too delicious! So why not fill it …

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Halfsmashedpot1 900squ E1429586423187

Half Smashed Mini Potatoes

Just as much fun as tater tots and SO MUCH easier! Colors in food make me a happy girl. Color …

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