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Beerbrats1 E1413921554967

Beer Braised Brats, Onions, and Apples

A wink and a nod to Oktoberfest, this German dish will stick to your ribs on a cold October night. Bratswurst is very fatty… clearly one reason for its appeal. There are variations on the sausage recipe itself. Any of them will work in this recipe. Highly recommended though – find the best quality you can get. I like a …

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Rd Cabb German2 E1413779488820

German Red Cabbage and Apples

Even though this dish is delicious anytime, it shines gloriously on a fall/winter dinner table. Cooler temperatures outside beg for …

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Duck Apricot Almonds2

Pan Seared Duck Breast with Apricot Sauce

This is one of those fake-out meals. Super simple. Yet fabulous! Indulgent, savory, intense, sweet, salty… it’s got everything. Also, …

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Fat1 E1413510888178

How to Render Duck Fat

Arguably, duck fat is the fat of fats. It is treasured for its dense savory flavor and ability to tolerate high …

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3peppers4 E1412973408910

Butternut Squash Stuffed Baby Bells

We are at that crossroad where adorable colorful flavorful baby bell peppers are still plentiful and bright sunshiny butternut squash …

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Bell Pepper Motherearthnewscom

Sweet Bell Peppers 101

We are celebrating colorful sweet bell peppers today. The season is coming to a close, soon they will be more …

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Gumbo Shrimp5 E1412110305434

Gumbo Shrimp

Creole and Cajun foods of Louisiana are, to my mind, at the same time dirty (in a good way) and …

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Okra7 E1411949098546

Easy Roasted Okra

I am celebrating okra today – just cuz its there. Fresh in season, piles and piles of it! But if …

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DSC 0387 E1410882656356

Raw Fresh Corn Salsa

When corn is in season, it is so sweet, juicy, and delicious, that I could eat it right from the …

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Seafood Pizza3 E1410107690232

Seafood Pizza

Here is an idea… not really a “recipe” Recently I posted a 3-ingredient grain and gluten free pizza crust. There …

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Paleo Pizza Crust Torn1 E1409952249158

3 Ingredient Gluten Free Pizza Crust

This is one of the quickest, most simple methods for making grain/gluten free pizza crust. This is virtually just an …

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