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    Science and Food in the Classroom

    These exciting workshops engage students of all ages and gets them thinking about where their food comes from, how it is made, and the chemical and physical reactions used to prepare them. Empowering Students in Mind, Spirit, and Body Learning the connections between science, food, …

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  • Nytimes2

    Build Your Own Puttanesca

    This is an easy Build-Your-Own dinner for all the different dietary needs in your clan. Traditional Puttanesca is pretty much vegan, except for the anchovy. And it is pretty much Paleo, except for the pasta. This dish is a perfect weeknight meal because it is …

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  • Dali Inspired3

    Toffee with Pine Cones

    This is decidedly extravagant… of course! Mostly because the high cost of pine nuts makes them a bit of a luxury ingredient that is not commonly featured in a candy (in the states, anyway). In his cookbook, Dali goes completely over the top, with no consideration …

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  • Blackened Greenbeans2 900

    Blackened Green Beans

    This is a super simple and really yummy way to get tons on healthful spices on your plate. Dried spices are convenient, nutritious, and a great way to heighten flavor without tons of butters and salts or processed ingredients. This one was a request for …

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  • Mushroom Gravy4 900

    It doesn’t get any more MUSHROOM Gravy

    It doesn’t get more mushroomy. And it doesn’t get easier. Happens to be vegan but brings meat-eaters to the table too. This gravy is all mushroom and all amazing flavor! With mushroom itself as the thickener, no need for gluten, grain, or dairy… just umami. …

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  • Pasta Prim Shrimp10 900

    Simple Pasta with Autumn Roasted Vegetables

    What do you call Pasta Primavera in the fall or winter? hmm No matter. With fresh delicious veggies on hand, a quick roast, adding zucchini, and shrimp on top for anyone who wants it, this is simple food. So satisfying. So nourishing. So tasty! Of …

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  • Sundogsandtots2 900 Wm

    Build Your Own Dogs and Tots

    Each Build-Your-Own family meal generally comes with one plant based item that everyone can eat. To that item, add either an animal protein for the carnivores in the house or more plants! Inspiration for this meal – Fair Corndogs! When the County Fair rolls around …

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  • Sun Seed Flour4 900 Wm

    Stupid Simple Sunflower Seed Flour

    So easy it’s fool-proof! But why bother? If you have a nut allergy (or gluten intolerance), you can usually replace nut flours with seed flours. It is not only easy, but less expensive to make your own rather than buy hard to find seed flours. …

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  • Black Ramen2 900 Wm

    Black and Orange Ramen – gf and vegan

    This is not just for looks! This is so yummy. These orange and black flavors compliment each other so beautifully. Please do not leave anything out. Sweetness from the squash is so well balanced with the flavor punch of roasted bell peppers and the savoriness …

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  • Fall Veg1 900

    Autumn Roasted Veggies

    Roasted anything (almost anything) is so good! Crunchy browned bits, sweet caramelization, salty buttery unciousness… what’s not to love? Each season offers its own bounty of roastable produce. In autumn and winter having the oven cranked up to 400° or 450° is a bonus. You get …

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