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Cracklins2 E1418848596150

Crispy Duck Skin Cracklins

Under the heading of “Why waste it?” It is easy to turn duck skin into crispy crunchy salty arguably-better-than-bacon cracklins. You need only two ingredients (not counting salt). Duck skin pieces Duck fat (or another fat, if absolutely necessary) If you have broken down your own duck and rendered the fat, then you have these two ingredients. If you have …

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Tomato Kale Soup1 E1413925187506

Tomato and Kale Soup -Any way you like it!

Are you missing the bright red juicy tomatoes of summer? This is one of those few items for which I …

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Brusselssprouts Shaved1 E1417457756942

How I got my kids to love Brussel Sprouts

How do you get kids to eat, and LOVE, brussel sprouts? My kids are almost grown and all the years of …

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Turkey Quesadillas Yuca1

Cheesy Turkey Quesadillas with Cranberry Salsa

It is all about options… and saving time, and saving money, and having delicious food with optimal nutrition… with options. …

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Cran Chevre Grilled Sammy6

Grilled Goat Cheese and Cranberry Sammy

Butter – bread – tangy cheese – sweet cranberries – tangy cheese – bread – butter. – Need I say …

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Turkey Gravy2

Turkey Gravy with Pan Drippings

If you have roasted your own spatchcock, or butterfly, turkey, then you have likely also used the backbone to create …

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Cranberry Salsa1 Header E1415999929706

Raw Fresh Cranberry Salsa

When these little treasures hit the market, it is happy time. Fresh cranberries don’t need much attention to be delicious, …

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Turkey Breast1 E1415920059682

Tender Roasted Turkey in Half the Time

How do you roast a whole turkey and get tender, savory, tasty results? Do you brine, or no brine? Stuffing …

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Fennel Congee Tea3

Fennel Congee Tea

Congee is a slow-cooked rice porridge used in Chinese culture and medicine as a healing food… and it is also …

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Yuca Duxelle2 E1414886973166

Sun Brat Roulade

This dish started out as an idea for a vegan sausage made with bratswurst spices, and whatever else I had …

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Yuca Mashed1 E1414886501554

Yuca Dough

A.K.A. cassava, manioc, or that root vegetable from which tapioca is made. Tapioca is a gluten-free boon! You find tapioca …

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