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Preservingkumquat1 E1425083633691

Preserved Kumquats and a Sore Throat Remedy

These little guys are so cute!  They were not on the shopping list, but they called out “buy me! buy me!” Sometimes I cannot resist cute fruit. Some of these little guys will be eaten fresh. The rest will be preserved. I have been meaning to get around to preserving lemons, but lemons disappear around here before they can get …

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Sweetsour6 E1425068068752

Rumi’s Sweet and Sour Sauce

For years, Rumi’s egg rolls have been a beloved food in my home. However, the sweet and sour sauce she …

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Hummuspasta5 E1424883143682

Easy Creamy Vegan Pasta Sauce

If you ever really want to annoy a vegan, ask them if they miss bacon, or if they get sick …

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Eggroll1 E1424287211877

Rumi’s Chinese Egg Rolls

Warning! These are addictive! Crunchy on the outside, savory and chewy on the inside. Lots of umami. And even the …

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Kimchi31 E1423274557352

Candy & Halmoni’s Authentic Spicy Kimchee

My friend, Candy, is a devoted home-schooling Mom, wife, caretaker of family pets, and a very mindful eater. Her cupboard …

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Steak Gnocchi1 E1423506299962

EASY Rosemary Steak with Cheesy Gnocchi and Fresh Asparagus

This is a win-win EASY half-make-ahead special dinner. I love those! You get credit for taking the time to make something …

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Red Cupcake1

Red and Pink food coloring from one ingredient!

If you are not a fan of red food dye #40, this is for you! Recently, we made delicious and …

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Chickennoodlesoup1 E1423020908888

Grandma Sue’s Homemade Chicken and Noodles

Happy National Homemade Soup Day! (Jan 4) Today we are enjoying Chicken and Noodles, passed down to my children from …

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Kalepesto3 E1422909840950

Winter Kale and Almond Pesto – with a Vegan option

As is often the case, my eyes recently grew way bigger than my stomach. At my local Whole Foods, the …

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Gnocchi Withpesto4 E1422913818855

Easy Goat Cheese Gnocchi with Winter Kale Pesto

When these pillows first hit your palate, you taste that rich full sauce. Then the tang of the goat cheese …

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Blue Cupcake2 E1422740688319

Blue Food Coloring for Your Superbowl Cupcakes!

DO try this at home! Especially with the kids. For some reason, the need for blue food coloring keeps coming …

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