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Halfsmashedpot1 900squ E1429586423187

Half Smashed Mini Potatoes

Just as much fun as tater tots and SO MUCH easier! Colors in food make me a happy girl. Color = flavor, and nutrients entering the cells in your body creating happy healthy food highs! When these little purple potatoes hit the shelves, I can’t resist playing with them. Of course, you can smash ANY cute little potato. Purple is not …

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Kom Ready3 E1429485291179

Kombucha Class

Foodie Field Trip! Kombucha class and I am there, camera in hand, ready to document. If you are unfamiliar with …

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Esc Pea1 E1428350696255

Sauteed Escarole with Mushrooms and Minty Pea Puree

Are you looking for a quick and easy hearty stick-to-your-ribs lunch or dinner idea? Look no further! Recently. this blog …

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Escarole Saute2 E1428343174500

Sauteed Escarole with Mushrooms

When sauteed like this, bitter green escarole becomes buttery and delightfully slightly sweet. You may have to assure your vegan …

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Petitelambchops1 E1428347730640

Easy Pan Seared Petite Lamb Chops

If you like tender juicy savory lamb chops, eat them in the spring. They are almost tender with no effort. …

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Peapuree1 E1428340656761

Minty Green Pea Puree

To make a pea puree, you only need to puree peas. It’s simple. It’s vegetarian &  vegan. You can even …

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Swcondcocomilk1 E1428082634407

Gemma’s Sweetened Condensed Coconut Milk

You have to taste this to appreciate how incredibly delicious it is! You will NOT miss dairy, not even a …

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Venisontaco1 1 E1427474840625

Venison Tacos with Pickled Beets and Asiago

With a freezer full of wild-caught venison, gifted to my kids from their grandparents, it occurred to my son that …

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Pickledbeets1 E1427421423113

Quick Pickled Beets

Spring arrives and it is time to set aside the hot soups and braises of winter, and add a little …

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Kale Pot6 E1426981174100

Simple Kale and Potato Soup with Purple Broth

We eat a lot of soups with kale. We eat all the other green too, and, yes kale may be …

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Greencookies2 E1425925814308

Natural Green Food Coloring

Green has got to be the EASIEST color for natural food dye. So many foods already come in green, all …

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