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Baked Corn Dogs

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Baked Corn Dogs

… or millet dogs
… or gluten-free corn dogs
… or dairy-free corn dogs

… or all of the above!

Once every year, at fair time, I give myself, and my kids, carte blanche to eat anything we want! Just one caveat, I get one bite of everything! I share my bites too, that way we all get variety. Thoughts of what is in this food are forbidden! I love fair food!

However, fair food is not the best “everyday” food for us. So, on those occasions where nothing but a corn dog will do, a little creativity is in order. Time to put on the lab coat and experiment!

After some very sad attempts, and some very tasty healthy ones which were just too ugly to share, I came up with a very easy method. Let me be clear!… this is not as delicious as a Fair Corn Dog, especially an OK State Fair corndog as I remember them from a few years back. But, they are:

  • baked, not deep fried.
  • and depending on the batter you use, they can be gluten-free, dairy-free, or vegan!
  • if you use millet, they can even be corn-free!

Add a little mustard, and they are downright yummy! Not OK State Fair yummy, but yummy none-the-less, and without effects of allergens and tons of grease.

Easy Baked Corn Dog Method


  • franks
  • leftover, or fresh baked cornbread
  • sweetener, I use brown rice syrup
  • coconut milk
  • skewers

That’s it!

As for the franks, choose according to your taste buds and dietary needs. You can get anything now! No nitrates, all beef, gluten-free, no by-products, turkey, even vegan! Anything you like will do!

As for the cornbread, you can purchase a mix, even a gf mix, if you want. Let’s face it, on those nights we want corndogs, we probably also don’t want a lot of fuss over dinner. But if you do make your own – fyi, this can be done in advance – just make your favorite recipe.

Note: I make a very straight-forward recipe and simply replace the flours. I like millet and oat, equal parts – tastes great!, but the color is kind of ugly. In these photos, I used cornmeal, rice flour, and tapioca flour.

Milk – I use coconut milk. I like the viscosity. Other milks may work fine; I simply have not experimented with them. If you do, please tell me your results!

Skewers are just for fun, and for dipping.


Make cornbread. This is a great make-ahead! Or, just use leftover cornbread.


Crumble cornbread. You can do this right in the pan.


Drizzle just enough coconut milk over the corn bread to allow the crumbs to come together and form a dough.


If desired, add a bit of sweetener. I used brown rice syrup.



If desired, cut hot dogs in half. They are easier to manage this way.

Then, simply tear off pieces of cornbread dough and roll up the franks.


Cover completely.



Lightly oil a parchment covered cookie sheet. I use coconut oil.

Bake corndogs at 400°, periodically turning corndogs so they brown on all sides. Depending on your oven, this may take 15-20 minutes.

Add skewers AFTER corndogs are baked.


Enjoy with catsup and mustard, if desired.





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