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Kale and Chèvre Spread

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Kale and Chèvre Spread

If you make blender kale for kale juice, and use the remaining pulp in recipes, here is a super simple cheesy spread to make with the pulp! So simple! Everything can be made ahead and thrown together for a quick breakfast or anytime snack.

Honestly, this is more of an idea, than a recipe. So easy! Like making pb&j. Two ingredients – leftover kale pulp and goat cheese (chèvre). These two ingredients together are delicious! The tang and creaminess of the cheese beautifully balances earthy kale.

If you slather this spread on my flourless walnut crepes, we are talking great flavor synergy, and a rather balanced healthful meal with protein, good fat, vitamins and minerals. 🙂

Endless Options:

Alternatively, use whatever green leafy vegetable, or for that matter, any vegetable pulp you like! Veggies, chevre, walnuts… it is hard to go wrong here. If you prefer, you can swap out the cheese as well. Use another soft cheese, like cream cheese. My family likes the flavor of a soft goat cheese; also we find goat’s milk to be much more digestible than cow’s milk.

Prepare ahead these components:

Now you only need the spread!


Here’s how…

Cook kale pulp in a bit of water long enough to get a tender – less “raw” – texture. Cook off all the water and add a splash of lemon.


Combine kale with goat cheese in equal parts to create a cheesy nutritious spread.



Spread over walnut crepes.


Roll or fold. Done! Enjoy!



Flourless Walnut Crepes

If you have another leftover vegetable pulp you want to use up, swap out the kale for any vegetable pulp! Or use frozen spinach. If you don’t like coat cheese, use another soft cheese.


  • kale pulp, about 1 T per crepe – see kale pulp method here (basically, you are juice processing raw kale and straining out the juice)
  • goat cheese, about 1 T per crepe
  • fresh lemon


Place kale pulp in a skillet or small pot with water. Cook until tender – or at least no longer “grassy”. As water cooks off, add more, if needed. When tender, cook off all remaining water. Add a splash of fresh lemon juice.

Using a spoon, combine equal parts kale and goat cheese. Spread over walnut crepes. Roll or fold crepes.

Recommended: about 2 T spread per crepe. Use as much as you like.



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