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Seafood Pizza

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Seafood Pizza

Here is an idea… not really a “recipe”

Recently I posted a 3-ingredient grain and gluten free pizza crust. There are plenty of those out there. This one is super simple. It occurred to me that it would also lend itself very well to a Seafood dish. The flavor and texture of this crust would not overpower the lightness of a whitefish, shrimp, or baby scallops, but could stand up to briny shellfish. Basically, I could make this little “vessel” crust, and put on it ANYTHING that looked fresh at the market.

Traditional Pizza Components

CRUST – Of course, you can use a traditional crust. Or you can go gluten free, like my 3-ingredient grain and gluten free pizza crust, or a good cauliflower crust, or whatever you generally use.

CHEESE – When making seafood pizza, no cheese please. A little Parmesan is nice, but to my taste, gloopy gloppy heavy mozzarella, just doesn’t work the best here. If you want a buttery creamy texture, consider avocado, or maybe even a feta or creme fraiche – yep, those are still cheeses, but they work a little better.

SAUCE – To lighten up the sauce, while still amping up the flavor, replace marinara with avocado sauce or a pesto. You can make your own or buy them prepared. There are delicious brands on the market. Today I used a traditional pesto and a tomato pesto. This brings a burst of flavor!

After that, the sky is the limit! Saute, grill, broil, even fry, any seafood you like!  Do the same with vegetables and pile them on.

Dinner is done!

Seafood pizza with cod, scallops, tomato pesto, and bacon. Because the bacon was there.


Seafood pizza with cod, scallops. bacon, pesto, and sauteed vegetables. Mmmmm It would have had shrimp too… I did not like the way the shrimp looked that day.





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  1. RSG
    RSGSeptember 16,14

    This recipe sounds awesome. can’t wait to try it. tried pin it, said could not communicate with foodhighs?

    • Chef Gina
      Chef GinaSeptember 16,14

      Really? Thank you for telling me. I will look into that.

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