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  • Confit Fork1 E1419297015398

    Succulent Duck Confit

    The thought of these savory succulent thighs, salted, submerged and cooked in their own delicious fat, can wake me up at night. This is not a 30-minute meal. It takes days to achieve glory, but it is about as easy as it gets, and is well …

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  • Samhorchata2 E1419310208756

    Barbara’s Hot Horchata

    Thank you Barbara for sharing this warm cozy yumminess! This is now on my to-do list. Mexican flavors, rice milk, chocolate… this is a no-brainer. Usually horchata is served over ice on a hot sunny day. It is a sweet rice-nut-seed milk, flavored with vanilla, …

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  • Duck Webs With Taro

    Duck – Beak to Foot

    Nose to tail cooking is not just trendy; it is ancient. Today, this is treated as an innovative and resourceful concept. But over centuries, it has been survival! It is thrifty. And it is respect for the animal. Today, I have duck. It came from …

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  • Cracklins2 E1418848596150

    Crispy Duck Skin Cracklins

    Under the heading of “Why waste it?” It is easy to turn duck skin into crispy crunchy salty arguably-better-than-bacon cracklins. You need only two ingredients (not counting salt). Duck skin pieces Duck fat (or another fat, if absolutely necessary) If you have broken down your …

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  • Tomato Kale Soup1 E1413925187506

    Tomato and Kale Soup -Any way you like it!

    Are you missing the bright red juicy tomatoes of summer? This is one of those few items for which I will occasionally turn to the canned goods isle of the supermarket. Still, I am going to prefer the non-chemically peeled, preferably organic brands. And if …

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  • Brusselssprouts Shaved1 E1417457756942

    How I got my kids to love Brussel Sprouts

    How do you get kids to eat, and LOVE, brussel sprouts? My kids are almost grown and all the years of their existence, they would not touch the things. Any brussel sprouts that I could not consume quickly enough were wasted. Breaks my heart! Then we …

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