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Ramps and Potatoes… Potatoes and Ramps!

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Ramps and Potatoes… Potatoes and Ramps!

Do try this at home! …if you haven’t already. Because if you have, then you probably look for ramps whenever they are in season.


Ramps are a beautiful gift of spring! They are the Rolls Royce of aromatics, with hints of garlic and onion. They are delicious in just about anything you would cook with garlic and onions. They pair especially well with spring vegetables, like asparagus. They are delicious in a risotto, and fabulous with lentils and pork.

Today, I have potatoes.

For a quick and yummy dish, julienne potatoes and fry them in an oiled skillet until they are tender and beginning to brown. Slice ramps and add them to the potatoes when the potatoes are close to being cooked. Just a few minutes in the skillet will release all that delicious ramp flavor, infusing it into the cooking oil and flavoring the potatoes. Remove from skillet and place on paper towels or a clean towel to remove a bit of the oil. Salt and pepper to taste.

Done! Serve immediately.





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