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Coffee Creamer – Dairy Optional

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Coffee Creamer – Dairy Optional

For those lovers of sweet coffee out there – you know who you are… It is easy to make your own coffee creamer at home!

Why make your own coffee creamer?

  • It saves money!
  • You can eliminate unwanted ingredients that may be in commercial creamers
  • You can eliminate dairy, if you are dairy-free

About non-dairy: If you use sweetened condensed coconut milk, you will taste coconut flavor… it is lovely. If you prefer, you can alter this flavor by adding other flavorings! Try vanilla beans, extracts (such as hazelnut, almond, or peppermint), spices, like cinnamon and nutmeg, or syrups, like chocolate.


How to…

Make a base by combining equal parts of a milk of your choosing – nut, soy, coconut, or dairy – with sweetened condensed milk. You can make your own sweetened condensed coconut milk. See the easy method here! Resist the urge to eat this reduced sweet coconut milk with a spoon. It is soooooooo good!


Add any flavoring you like for a ready-to-go flavored coffees.

That’s it! Keep it refrigerated and enjoy as needed. 🙂


Easy Coffee Creamer

This is the base. You can add any other seasoning you like!


  • 1 part sweetened condensed coconut milk (or sweetened condensed milk if you use dairy)
  • 1 part milk, your preference , almond, coconut, or soy (dairy milk, if preferred)
  • optional: vanilla or another flavoring


Make a batch of sweetened condensed coconut milk by simmering one can of full fat coconut milk with 2/3 cup sugar for 30 minutes. See how here. Or use prepared sweetened condensed milk, if you use dairy.

Whisk together equal parts milk of your choice with sweetened condensed coconut milk (or sweetened condensed milk if you use dairy). If the mixture is too thick, you can add a bit more milk to thin it. Play with combinations of creamer until you find a ratio for the base that you love.

Flavor additions: Anything liquid or syrupy can be stirred into the base. Start with a small amount, taste, and add more if desired. Spices will need to be heated with the base to prevent clumping or graininess.


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