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Vegan Lunch – Creamy Cool Almond Pinwheels

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Vegan Lunch – Creamy Cool Almond Pinwheels

Doing vegan lunch on a budget and on the run can be challenging. If you limit or eliminate animal consumption, planning ahead is a must! For most of us, lunch needs to be easy, quick, nutritious, and oh… tasty. Maybe tasty first, you know, so we actually eat it.

Organic vegan flour tortillas were on sale this week for .50 cents per bag!!! I have never seen this before. 50 cents!!! Score! So we are wrapping and rolling everything right now. And this one has become a bit of an addiction around my house.

vegan pinwheels

vegan creamy almond pinwheels

Because we saved so much money on our vegan organic tortillas, we are going to splurge on our beloved almond cream cheese. Honestly, we would have splurged on this anyway because you only need a little per pinwheel…  but saving on the wraps, not to mention meat products, is a great bonus! So, yeah, we are going to splurge on a little prepared pesto too.


In our house it is a battle between the vegans and the meat-eaters for this stuff. Especially the variety with chives. No, I am not working for this company, but I will get on their payroll if they ask. 🙂 Serious flavor and a great time-saver. No blanching, fermenting, and pureeing nuts yourself.


On a tortilla, we like to add a very thin layer of pesto, just for that extra little something. (flavor and nutrition) Then on goes a layer of almond cheese. Of course, you can make your own pesto and almond cheese. We are saving time here.

Next, on goes a line of thinly sliced matchsticks, or julienne cut vegetables. In the summer, cucumbers and red bell peppers are so good! You can use anything you like. If we have zucchini in the fridge, or mushrooms or sprouts, they go on… parsnips, jicama, seriously whatever you like.

Roll them up. Put them in a sealed container, and enjoy! Tomatoes with this almond cheese is magic. I like to slice little roma tomatoes because they are about the same width as my rolls and they can go on each pinwheel like a little top hat as I eat. A little himalayan pink sea salt and black pepper take these up a notch. Keep any wet vegetables in a separate container so you do not end up with soggy wraps. Add to this meal whatever fruit is in season and you have a complete meal.

  • protein
  • healthy fats
  • all the goodness of vegetables (and fruits)
  • flavor!
vegan pinwheels

vegan creamy almond pinwheels

vegan pinwheels

vegan creamy almond pinwheels

Vegan Lunch – Creamy Almond Pinwheels

You will need:

  • tortillas (preferably organic)
  • optional: pesto (prepared, or make your own)
  • almond cheese (prepared, or make your own)
  • vegetables of your choosing – pictured are cucumber and red bell pepper

That’s it! Fill and roll. So easy! So fast! If desired, add slices of tomatoes (packed separately) and fruit or berries in season.


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