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  • Cashewsauce13 900 E1451513735627

    Easy Creamy Cashew Sauce

    This delicious sauce came from some raw cashew flour that needed to be used up. It worked out really well! In fact, I like this method better than soaking whole cashews for puree. Ground cashew soaked up the water beautifully and then easily blended into …

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  • Candybudhashand1 E1451425230501

    Candied Buddha’s Hand

    Buddha’s Hand may look like something from another planet, but it is essentially just a lemon with fingers. A very fragrant and much less bitter lemon with fingers. How cool is that! You can use Buddha’s hand pretty much any way you use lemon peel. …

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  • Salty Yolk1 E1450814758887

    Chinese Salty Eggs

    To make traditional Chinese Mooncakes with egg yolks in the center, you need salty eggs. To make salty eggs, you need 30 days. Homemade mooncakes are so much better than processed store-bought mooncakes. I am not sure they are really even in the same category. …

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  • Steak Purplemash2 E1450379185644

    Star Wars Food!!!

    December 17, 2016  and The Force Awakens! My nerdy sci-fi kids are ready (and so is their Mom). We have our Jedi rations in their cases. We have enjoyed our Bantha Steak over Purple Mash with Blue Bantha Butter, along with Stuffed Bread Clusters. And …

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  • Creature Milk3 E1450122690785

    Bantha Milk

    Any good Star Wars themed soiree would be remiss if it did not include Bantha Milk. Just sayin’ This rich blue milk is included in the Star Wars cannon and perhaps could be used to make all sorts of dairy foods, such as ice creams, custards, …

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  • Blue Drink Drinks Righthandeventscom2

    Star Wars Theme Drinks

    Admittedly, my knowledge of spirits is sadly lacking. To respect the pros, and avoid embarrassing myself, when looking for fail-proof ideas, this blog will be deferring to the experts. I do have one recipe that is simple enough even for me! And in my view, …

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