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Star Wars Food!!!

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Star Wars Food!!!

December 17, 2016  and The Force Awakens! My nerdy sci-fi kids are ready (and so is their Mom). We have our Jedi rations in their cases. We have enjoyed our Bantha Steak over Purple Mash with Blue Bantha Butter, along with Stuffed Bread Clusters. And later this evening, no doubt there will be an appropriate galactic worthy cocktail… for Mom. 🙂

In keeping with my P.O.V., of course, our Bantha for our steak and butter was fed on whatever they naturally eat on Tatooine. Being that this is a desert planet, I have wondered where they find their food. If you know, please do tell! Where does one find grass enough to feed a beast the size of a bantha on a desert planet?

In any event, we are careful to consume only those free-range, natural living banthas.

If you know a Star Wars fan, or are one, please check out my new ebook. I put the food images here in order to keep the price very low. 🙂 Check out the food below. These recipes are perfect for a party , Star Wars game night or movie night, or even for getting your Jedi to eat their energy foods. Just sayin’

DISCLAIMER: This blog and book is in no way affiliated with the Star Wars franchise or Disney. In fact, the ebook is written to be applied to ANY sci-fi or space world that you wish to explore.

steak, purple mash, and blue butter

How to Serve Aliens

You can find the ebook with all the recipes here!

In the ebook, you will find:

  • Complete recipes
  • Time saving recipe shortcuts
  • Why these dishes work as galaxy party food
  • Sources and links

Why I wrote this book…

If you want to immerse yourself into a culture, eat its food.

No humans were harmed in the making of this book. While this book caters to a variety of galactic species, those that invade earth simply to harvest humans, dining on our flesh and blood will not be considered here. That’s just rude. If you plan to invite those unfriendly, human-eating guys to your space party, then I am afraid you are on your own. This book won’t help much.

This book is for all those species with whom I would like to dine… The slug creatures, swamp-dwellers, scavengers, high-tech, sleek, and sophisticated sorts, hunters, vegetarians, cyborgs, warriors, space-travelers, and humanoids of all types. And while we are presently limited to earth foods, the bounty and variety of our planet allows for manipulation of those foods which should make any alien guest feel at home.

These recipes are for the serious sci-fi fan. We will be avoiding (mostly) kitschy word plays and obvious puns. You will not find Martian marshmallows, or moon pies, on a little green menu. There will be no rip off of a specific franchise or character… no Wookie Cookies here. No Boba Fettuccine.  (That book has been done and belongs to Disney now). Instead, you will find earth foods with an unearthly twist. We play with colors, shapes, and ingredients to create dishes that would be fitting for any galactic soiree.

Including all these images in the ebook would have greatly increased the delivery time and the cost. Because I wanted to keep the ebook price as low as possible, and still provide lots of images, I have linked it up with this post. This way you get great pictures and the recipes too, collected in the ebook, at very little cost to you.

Disclaimer: How to Serve Aliens and are in no way afilliated with Star Wars, Disney, Star Trek, or any other franchise. This is merely an artistic interpretation of alien-appropriate cuisine from a fan point of view.

“How To Serve Aliens” – Recipe Images

In the book, you will find tips, recipes, and how-to’s, including the following.

Blue Hubbard Gourd Yoda

For inspiration. I did not create this, but I love it! If you know who deserves credit for this, please share!


Jedi Rations


Rootleaf Stew on Dagobah


How to Serve Aliens

You can find the ebook with all the recipes here!

2DAliens (1)

This is dedicated to the two sci-fi fans I live with, as well as all my nerdy sci-fi friends… you know who you are. Thank you for all the inspiration and willingness to serve as taste testers. (Only the good stuff made the cut.)


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