Dr. Budwig’s Anti-Cancer 3 Ingredient Muesli

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Cheese and Oil to Cure Cancer???

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Skepticism over this concoction is understandable. Had it not been shared with me by a trustworthy source, and had I not done my own research, I would not even bother sharing this with you. But the credentials attached to the renowned chemist who developed this protocol are impressive! More people should know about her work… or at least about the principles and building blocks behind her protocol. What you personally do with this information is entirely up to you.

Johanna Budwig and her Protocol

Dr. Budwig was a German biochemist who spent her life working to cure cancer and other diseases. Reportedly, she had an extremely high success rate. She was nominated seven times for the Nobel prize. She herself lived to the ripe old age of 95, finally dying from a fall in her bathroom. In the 1950’s, Dr. Budwig and Dr. Max Gerson independently worked to cure disease and were both instrumental in making discoveries in the area of Omega fats. The work they did informed the body of knowledge we now rely upon for the use and benefits of healthy fats. They are both among the world’s leading authorities on fats and oils.

Among her titles are: European Cancer Research Scientist, Biochemist, Blood Specialist, German Pharmacologist, and Physicist.

Dr. Budwig developed an entire cancer and disease-fighting diet which included lots of unprocessed plants, and no meats, no butter or margarine. She included other complimentary therapies in her protocol, even appropriate amounts of sunlight, to help the body heal. But the crux of her protocol is her cottage cheese and flax oil muesli.

In her words:

Various highly trained and educated individuals are dismayed and irritated by the fact that serious medical conditions can be cured by cottage cheese and flaxseed oil.

Yeah… this statement alone amuses me and captures my interest.

My own personal research has turned up opinions from well-respected credible sources who discredit Dr. Budwig. But I feel they also seem to misunderstand or misrepresent her method.

If you are the kind of person that takes the few moments to read a blog post about this topic, then you are probably smart enough to hear everybody’s opinion and then form your own. 🙂

(Again… this is not medical advice. Just information.)


Simple Chemistry – How does it work?

In a nutshell…

Mixing together quark (or cottage cheese, or non homogenized yogurt) and flax oil creates a chemical reaction between the sulfur protein in the cheese and the oil. This chemical reaction makes the flax oil water soluble and it can now be easily absorbed into the cells.

According to Dr. Budwig, this gives your cells what they need to fight disease, revitalizing them, enabling them to work to heal the immune system, dissolve tumors, restore health to the brain and nervous system.

In her words:

What we need in Europe today, in Germany as well as in Switzerland, America, and France, what we really need are electron rich highly unsaturated fats. The moment two unsaturated double links occur together in a fatty acid chain, the effects are multiplied and in the highly unsaturated fats, the so called “linoleic” acids, there is generated a field of electrons, a veritable electrical charge which can be quickly conducted off into the body, thus causing a recharging of the living substance—especially of the brain and nerves. It is exactly those highly unsaturated fatty acids which play a decisive role in the respiratory functioning of the body. With out these fatty acids, the enzymes in the breath can not function and we asphyxiate, even when given extra oxygen, as for examples in hospitals. The lack of these highly unsaturated fatty acids paralyses many vital functions. Primarily, it cuts off the air we breath. We can not survive without air and food and we cannot survive without these fatty acids—that was proven long ago.

If you want to really learn what Dr. Budwig did, how she did it, and about her case studies, you should probably just buy her books. She wrote six. Three are translated into English.

Flax Oil as a True Aid Against Arthritis, Heart Infarction, Cancer and Other Diseases

The Oil-Protein Diet Cookbook

Cancer – The Problem and the Solution

How to Make This Stuff

Upon learning of this recipe, immediately I started doing what I do… research. It got confusing fast! There is a lot of information out there on Dr. Johanna Budwig and her disease-preventing cancer-curing protocol. And there are many conflicting suggestions as to how the Muesli should be prepared.


So many contradictions…

Use only low fat cottage cheese
Full fat cottage cheese is fine

Add nothing to the mix!
Add milk to the mix.
Add juice to the mix.
You can add water.
Never add water!

Use flaxseed oil with high lignan.
Avoid high lignan.

You can add bananas.
Never add bananas.

Add fish oils to your daily diet.
Avoid fish oils.


Maybe these details matter. Maybe they do not! In any event, it seemed optimal to search out Dr. Budwig’s method, or at least as close as I could get to it.

Everybody seems to agree on:

  • Quality of ingredients. Use only organic sulfur protein (non homogenized yogurt, cottage cheese, or quark if you live in Germany). Use only fresh Cold Pressed Organic Flaxseed oil.
  • Always grind flaxseed just before consuming it. Using pre ground flax seed could be harmful, producing the opposite effect. Rancid flaxseed oil is harmful.
  • Consume the recipe within 15 minutes of grinding the flax seed; flax seed must not be exposed to light and air for a longer time. It breaks down.
  • Flax Seed oil and cottage cheese MUST be fully combined in order for this protocol to work on a molecular level. Mix in other ingredients only after the oil and cheese are thoroughly blended.
  • To get optimal benefit, eat an alkalizing diet. (mostly organic plants, no processed foods)

Dr. Budwig’s Flax Seed Muesli – the Recipe

In Dr. Budwig’s work with patients, she used this Muesli as a meal once per week for people in relatively good health who wished to prevent cancer. For sick patients, especially those with cancer, it was given once or twice per day.

The following instructions come directly – cut and paste –  from Health Wyze, who claim to accurately represent Dr. Budwig’s protocol. You can read much more on this page – The True Budwig Protocol.

  1. Add 1 teaspoon of honey and 2 tablespoons of freshly ground flax seeds to a bowl. Make certain to only use flax seeds that have been freshly ground.
  2. Next, add a mixture of fresh organic fruits (any fruits that are in season, such as apples, berries, peaches, grapes etc.) Never use bananas, because Dr. Budwig felt that bananas quickly push the blood sugar level high in cancer patients.
  3. Take 3 tablespoons of flax seed oil and mix it with 100 grams (about 7 tablespoons) of quark. Add about 3 tablespoons of unhomogenized (“creamline”) milk to create a smooth mixture. It is best to blend it, in order to get it mixed most thoroughly. More flax seed oil may be used, depending upon personal taste, but if the quark does not fully absorb the oil, then more has been used than is needed. Add the resultant mixture to the bowl.
  4. You may optionally improve the flavor by adding vanilla or cinnamon. The latter will help to regulate blood sugar.
  5. Add some organic nuts on top. All organic nuts are fine, but peanuts are the least helpful.

Quark is a sulfur protein cheese available in Germany. If you don’t have quark, you can use organic non homogenized yogurt or goat’s milk, or an organic cottage cheese. Please see notes to follow, under “My Budwig Muesli” for a potential dairy-free option.

Health Wyze, quoting from Dr. Budwig, also suggests more optional flavorings like garlic, cayenne pepper. Champagne was added by Dr. Budwig during the first couple of days for some patients. Other Budwig followers use healthful ingredients like turmeric.

Other than these few add-in ingredients, it is always suggested that this Muesli be eaten alone as a meal. (I wanted to mix in tuna because without the honey, it tastes like mayonnaise to me. I was told no.)


My Budwig Muesli

In my Budwig Muesli, all of the components are there, I just grind up the flax seed last to be sure I can get it all prepared and consumed easily within 15 minutes.

When I first started making this, I was mixing honey and ground flax in with the creamy cheese & oil mixture all together. You will find videos and tutorials out there that tell you to do it this way. I just can’t. To me, this just tastes like sweet mayonnaise and I found it very difficult to choke down. However, the layered method allows the flavors to complement each other soooooo much better! Sweetness from the honey and berries highlights the cheesy flavors (instead of the oil). And the muesli texture of the honey flax is delightful. There is an interplay of flavors and textures that are fun to eat and do not make you feel you are eating for health.

… then comes the soothing contentment of nutrition entering your cells.

FAQ – Is there a dairy-free option? The best option I could find would be to replace the cheese with tofu. Tofu is also a sulfur protein and there have been reports of this working very well. Because there are not documented case studies to compare to those using the original recipe, nobody seems to want to recommend a substitute for the dairy. But if you can not tolerate dairy, tofu may be worth trying. On that note, if you do not eat honey, some sources say that Agave is fine.

See my dairy-free vegan Power Parfait here.

Step by Step Simple Recipe


  1. 2 parts organic cottage cheese (or organic plain non homogenized yogurt, or goat’s milk, or quark)
  2. 1 part fresh (refrigerated) Cold-Pressed Organic Flax Seed Oil (purchased from the fridge section in a health foods store)
  3. 1 T flax seed – grind just before eating
  • Optional add-ins: raw organic honey, organic berries, apples, or peaches, nuts (preferably organic)

Blend together organic cottage cheese (this happens to full fat pictured; low fat is frequently used) with fresh cold-pressed organic flax oil (kept in the fridge) at a 2:1 ratio. For me, I am using 4 T cottage cheese to 2 T flaxseed oil. Blend (an immersion blender works great) until mixture is completely emulsified with no drops of oil remaining. This is very important. The mixture needs to be completely combined in order for the protein to take the oil to your cells. It should be thick and creamy. You can add non homogenized organic milk if you prefer a looser texture.

Then, prepare your add-ins… organic berries, apples, peaches, grapes, nuts, whatever of these that you like! I love strawberries and blueberries. Nuts provide a nice crunchy layer.

flax and cottage cheese2



Grind 1 T flaxseed, using a coffee grinder or spice grinder.


Optional: If you like, you can just mix the ground flax into the creamy mixture, eat it and be done. But it is not extremely yummy that way.

If desired (for me it is) drizzle in a little raw organic honey over the freshly ground flaxseed. Stir until it clumps up a bit, like granola.



Layer it all up!

Mix it all together and eat it quickly while all that nutrition is fresh and ready to enter your cells and revitalize you! 😀



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