Personality Quiz for Health

So, you like Personality Quizzes?

I do too! They are fun, and generally anything that helps us to know ourselves and others better is a good thing.

Here is one that may actually be useful to you for improving your health.

First the disclaimers:

  • This quiz is not a diagnosis or scientifically conclusive. It is based on my own studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and is subjective.
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine is founded on millenniums of scientific observational study. It is valid, and one of many methods used for diagnosing and treating illness.
  • Food Highs focus involves Health and Food ONLY – If you do an internet search, you will find that it is common for people to combine principles of TCM with spiritual entities, including astrology. This neither validates nor invalidates TCM. Chinese Medicine principles are widely used by multitudes of people who do not subscribe to astrology.

That said, you can increase your knowledge with this quiz. And it can offer you some very useful “food for thought” for methods to improve your health! TCM looks at, and treats, the whole person, not just the symptoms. After taking the quiz, you may want to learn more. If so, click here.

Have fun!

Before you start, you will need pencil and paper, just to make tally marks. Simply tally how many answers you get for each number 1 – 5.

Question 1

1. What is your go-to flavor preference, or craving?


2. Your friend comes to you with a problem. Your reactions is:

friend distress

3. Look at the tones in your skin and hair not your ethnicity – What color do you see? If you have black circles under your eyes naturally, not from partying last night, choose black. If your skin is very pale, choose white. If you can not discern this, leave blank.


4. My favorite Season is:


5. At a party, I am…


6. My odor is closest to… (sometimes you can tell by rubbing the bend of your arm and sniffing – “scratch & sniff”  – just don’t scratch!)


7. My greatest virtue:


8. If I have a bad side, this best describes it:


9. My health issues usually involve…


10. I would be an amazing…


11. An activity I enjoy…


Now tally up your numbers.

Your strongest element is the one with the most tallies.

If you have tallies across the board, either you are very complex, or this quiz is insufficient for you and more investigation is needed.

Mostly 1 = Wood Element

You are a natural leader, people move when you walk by. You have the ability to plan and overcome obstacles. Nourishing foods for you grow in the spring. These include greens, sprouts, and sour foods.

More information to be posted soon!

Mostly 2 = Fire Element

You are friendly and warm, the life of the party. People are drawn to you. Your laugh in infectious. Be careful that your passions do not lead you off course. If you notice that your tongue is very red, eat cooling foods, such as cucumbers and watermelon. To learn more – click here

Mostly 3 = Earth Element

You are a nurturer and integrator, the person we all want around when we are in need of comfort. You have the ability to transform a negative into a positive. Don’t forget to take care of yourself too! You crave sweets, and nousrishing foods for you include whole grains. To learn more – click here

Mostly 4 = Metal Element

You are refined, and detail-oriented. You are able to see value in people and things that others do not. You are skilled in aesthetics, able to make things look great! You hold yourself to high moral standards. Do not let grief you have experienced define you. Beneficial foods for you may include pears and almonds. To learn more – click here

Mostly 5 = Water Element

You are pensive, resourceful, and wise. You can remain calm during stress. If you are fearful, you hide it well. You are able to accomplish your goals through force of will. Don’t abuse this. You crave seclusion, be careful not to shut everyone out. Nourishing foods for you include warm soups and broths, nuts, winter foods. Most of your foods should be cooked.

More information to come.




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