Fitness Questionnaire


For Charleston area residents who are interested in Personal Chef coaching services to compliment physical training and/or weight loss. See link.

Please COPY and PASTE the following questions into the comment box below and type your answers. Feel free to add any information which you feel will help to better personalize your coaching session(s).

(1) What are your primary health concerns?


(2) What goals do you hope to achieve through exercise and diet?


(3) What do you feel most sabotages healthful eating for you?

  • No time to cook
  • No desire to cook
  • I don’t know what to cook
  • Snacks – When I need a snack, the only thing quick and easy is processed food
  • Breakfast – I get bored with cereal and eggs
  • Lunch – No time to make ahead
  • Dinner – After a long day, it is easier to order take-out or just not eat
  • Another reason – please specify

(4) Do you have any food allergies or intolerance?


(5) What is your level of cooking experience?


(6) What foods do you most commonly eat now?


(7) What are your flavor, and texture, preferences?


(8) Which would you most often go for?

  • Salty    
  • Sweet  
  • Pungent (like garlic & onion)    
  • Sour    
  • Something cooked over a campfire         


 (9) Are there any foods that you will not eat?


(10) In terms of assisting you in meeting your goals, what expectations do you have for your personal coaching session(s)?


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