My Kingdom for a GF Bread My Kids Will Like!

If my kids will eat it, probably everyone will. They are just that particular about bread.

I have turned eggs, nuts, seeds, grains, and vegetation into all manner of wraps, cakes, and crepes, with delectable results. Paleo, Vegan, Raw, this-free, that-free… there is a plethora of cool and creative concoctions which will hold pizza toppings, chicken salads, meats, cheeses, dressings, a world of flavors and textures… and you will see many of them on this blog.

However, there exists this one nemesis – the gluten-free bread that in some way resembles plain white wheat bread. Prepared breads serve a purpose, but tend to be grainy, dry, generally odd-tasting, and just unacceptable to very discriminating palates. Toasting these breads, or using them in a panade, or a crust, takes them to a new level and they are quite satisfying! But using them in a plain sandwich for lunch… hmm… leaves a lot to be desired.

This is important for individuals who absolutely can not eat gluten. This blog is all about options and choices, and bringing cuisine to its highest level so that everyone is free to fully enjoy eating beneficial foods. Bread is about as basic as it gets. It should be available and enjoyed!

Enough ranting…

Confession: I do not actually have a Kingdom to offer, but if you can find or create a soft-textured, mild flavored, gluten-free loaf of bread that my kids will eat, you will have my undying gratitude. 🙂


[note_box]My wish list:

  • No artificial or processed ingredients; no GMO
  • Minimize, preferably avoid, overused ingredients like tapioca starch, potato starch, and corn
  • Feel free to get creative with grains and other ingredients
  • Oats are fine, although they are controversial in the gf world
  • Xanthum gum is fine; prefer no guar gum
  • Sweeteners are fine, must be natural
  • Your feelings can’t be hurt if my kids still don’t like it! No doubt multitudes of people will love it!
  • Everyone will want to know how you accomplished this magnificent feat! Please be willing to share. You get full credit for finding or creating it![/note_box]

My Food Highs family is brilliant!

Maybe with enough brain-power focused on this, we will succeed together! Please share your thoughts and ideas, either on this post or on Food Highs Facebook site. We want your thoughts, complaints, ideas, even if you don’t have a recipe.

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Thank you!

Image source: that great image featured on this post is taken from Spice It Up, at

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