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Banana Sorbet with Beurre Noisette-Date Sauce

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Banana Sorbet with Beurre Noisette-Date Sauce

What do you do with a freezer full of frozen bananas? Sorbet, of course. At least, that is the absolute easiest thing… that or dipping them straight into melted chocolate, which works well too.

Plain sorbet is fine. Adding layers of flavors is even better! What goes with bananas? Chocolate is a no-brainer. But other flavors that pair nicely are citrus, caramel, browned butter, coconut … mmm. I am thinking sauce!

Okay, so I threw this one together quickly and rushed the pictures. But I think you will be able to get the idea; it must be shared! It is EASY, and dairy-free. πŸ™‚ And everything-else free, as long as you choose your ingredients thoughtfully.

Vegans, feel free to replace butter with coconut oil, or use a different sauce altogether!

Banana Sorbet

This is not even a recipe. It is just a thing you can do. A very good thing if you are avoiding dairy.

Take frozen bananas, peel them, cut them into chunks, and blend them in a blender or processor until they are smooth. That’s it! Done! Of course, you can add other flavors, like sugar and lemon, if you like.

Frozen bananas.bananasfrozen

Peeled and chopped frozen banana in a processor or blender.


Banana sorbet!


But wait! There’s more!

Beurre Noisette – Date Sauce

1/4 c buerre noisette + 1/2 cup date puree +1 t lime juice (or another citrus) + about 7 to 8 T coconut milk (enough to make a saucy consistency) = a decadent no sugar-added rich and delicious sauce.

How to make beurre noisette – Its Easy!!! Click here.

Puree your own dates – Click here. (But, hey, if you want to splurge and use caramel, go for it.)

Buerre Noisette. Intense mouth-watering nutty butter!


I threw everything in my mini processor because I had it out. A blender would be preferable.






As if that were not enough!

Melt chocolate, any chocolate you like. Whip up some coconut cream. And build!

A little buttery goodness goes in first.


Now chocolate.


In goes banana sorbet.



More sauce!


More chocolate! This could never be a bad thing. πŸ™‚



Nuts, seeds, or any other crunchy topping you like, and that likes you.


Coconut cream. Oh my goodness!




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