May the 4th be with You – with Bento Boxes

This is for all our beloved Star Wars fans. 🙂 There are at least a couple out there that are very dear to my heart.

This post is just for fun. Sometimes food should just be fun. But there are some great ideas for combining healthy and fun here too!

I LOVE Bento boxes. What a wonderful way to eat with one’s eyes! (And get the kids to eat good food.) So when I set out to compile cool culinary creations, I started with Bento boxes. It seemed right.

This one baffled me – the one with the cute little Jawa – sorry, that is probably an offensive description, but I calls ’em as i sees ’em. Most of the ingredients were not too difficult to discern, although they are brilliantly chosen and arranged. But that coat and hood! I had eaten this food before, but there was a block, as though it was a food so disturbing that I had erased it from my conscious thought. My apologies to the brand, and consumers of this food. It is a good organic food, just not my personal preference.

Mission on!

Here he is. Made by Rena of Sandwich Architecture. Maybe you recognize this food at first glance. If so, please comment and tell me what you think! 🙂 Otherwise, give it a little thought… answer is at the bottom of this post.


Meanwhile, still in a galaxy far far away… here is another gorgeous and healthful bento box by Rena. This one has a Monterrey Jack stormtrooper, over an outerspace backdrop of forbidden rice and sesame seeds, and a hard boiled egg dyed with forbidden rice and beet juice, and a nori superlaser.


One more bento box. This one is from The idea behind this is great! What kid would not want to eat this! In fact, if you give them seasoned soba noodles, neatball or meatballs (with any healthy stuff you like hidden in there), and greenery, then let them assemble the scene… this would be a school lunch hit!


LightSaber Chopsticks


Party Time

This is a simple and fun idea for a Star Wars party. And inexpensive! …if you don’t count the antique Hans Solo action figure.


JarJar warning! Look away, if you must.

From WonderHowTo, JarJar carved out of Jicama. ‘Nough said.



What is a Party without Cake?

These are fabulous!

Made by “Anything but Vanilla”, this Yoda cake is so cute that I would not know whether to eat it or pick it up and hug it.


This one is so good that it is disturbing. From


Big Bang Theory gave us a pretty good little Death Star.


My cake girl, Sam, made this one. We were worried about getting fur stuck in our teeth until we saw that Chewy was removable. You can eat your cake AND have Chewy too. 🙂 Then you can eat Chewy.


One more… Epic battle… Why is Darth Maul there? Still, this cake smokes! It actually does. Check it out at One Perfect Day.



The Secret Ingredient Reveal


Components of this very impressive little bento.

  • Purple cabbage sky with tomato suns.
  • Tatooine is pita bread and white bean and chickpea spread… aka hummus.
  • His little face is a forbidden rice onigiri with carrot stick eyes
  • Ammo and hands are nori
  • The food you can’t see – tiny sweet red peppers in the Jawa body, and underneath the whole design is big chunks of english cuke, baby carrots, tamagoyaki, and halved small tomatoes

Now… Jawa’s coat and hood… drumroll please…. TOFURKY! … specifically philly style steak tofurky.

The best use for Torfurky I have seen!

Happy and Healthful Eating to You!


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