Pâté with Apple Gelée and Edible Dust

How much fun is it to take a very familiar classic dish and add a trendy twist?!

Edible dust is trendy. It has been all over the pastry world in the form of gold dust and glitters. But it also works in the savory world. You can use edible dust for color, texture, flavor, and to make a familiar dish new and surprising. This is really the whole idea behind most modern cuisine. It is about keeping the memories and nostalgia, while adding unexpected elements, for a new experience.

What can be used to make edible dust? Pretty much anything that you can put into a food processor and pulverize into dust. Vegetable chips are great! Especially colorful vegetable chips. These offer savory flavors with a little crunch. Also, freeze dried fruits are wonderful for this process. In fact, I like them better as dust than in pieces. Freeze dried fruit makes a nutritious snack with great flavor, but they have the texture of Styrofoam, in my opinion. Turn these into dust, and you have something!

When you are working within the parameters of a special diet, thinking outside the box goes a long way toward keeping a person on track. If our food is not boring, it is so much easier to eat what we are supposed to eat.

You can sprinkle edible dust on anything you like! … on chicken …on fish … anything you might put a crust on, or dip into. Today, it is going on Pâté.

Chicken Liver Pâté with Apple Gelée and Edible Dust

To make Chicken Liver Pâté with Apple Gelée and Edible Dust, we are going to need Chicken Liver Pâté with Apple Gelée.

For a simple recipe and tips, please see my previous posting for Pâté with Apple Gelée. It looks like this.




I added kale sprouts and tomato peel for a little garnish in the gelée.


But kept this one simple. 🙂


How to Make Edible Dust

This part could not be easier! Start with flavors that will pair nicely with your dish. With pâté, red and green apples are perfect! To distinguish the flavors and make the dish playful, I separated them.

Blue corn chips add an earthiness and crunchy texture that contrasts well with a silky smooth pâté.



There is basically only one step to making edible dust – pulverize the product in a processor. Done!


Sweet freeze dried red apple edible dust. Beautiful.


Green apple dust adds a slightly sour note.


Apple wedges and/or crispy toast points round out the dish.






Chicken Liver Pâté with Apple Gelée and Edible Dust

Serve this gluten free with apple slices and edible dust, or spread pâté on toast points, topped with apple jelly.


  • Pâté – see recipe here
  • Freeze dried apples
  • Blue corn chips
  • Optional: apple wedges
  • Optional: toast points
  • Optional garnish: kale sprouts (kale pairs very well with pâté)


Making edible dust could not be easier! You need only to pulverize freeze-dried fruit or chips in a processor until it is dust. For this plate, I used three playful flavors – blue corn chips, freeze-dried red apple, and freeze-dried green apple.

Arrange pâté, apple wedges, and each edible dust, any way you like. If desired, garnish with green sprouts, such as kale sprouts.



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