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Healing with Onion

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Healing with Onion

While most normal people were ringing in the new year, I began 2015 with a hacking cough. It didn’t interfere with any special plans; in my house December 31, 2014 would be pretty much just an evening of convincing my 16-year old Terrier that those loud fireworks outside do not mean that the world is coming to an end – again. But catching a “bug” was a surprise. It had been so long since a virus had overtaken me that I had forgotten what it felt like. I didn’t like it. But lack of sleep and failure to practice what I preach can do that.

So in the first few days of January 2015, while most people are thinking of fresh starts and new goals, I was watching “Whatever happened to Baby Jane”, drinking hot tea and vegetable soup, and thinking of healing foods. My January goals will definitely include LOTS of my healing foods.

Healing with Onion

If the onion makes you cry, it is stronger than you are. 

– Traditional Chinese Medicine Principle

Onions are used to combat bronchitis, cough, and the common cold. They act to decrease inflammation and draw out phlegm. For this reason, it is said in Chinese medicine that if an onion makes you cry, it is stronger than you. In other words, there is likely a health imbalance present for the onion to act upon.

Sulfer in onion acts as a powerful detoxer. Onions are also beneficial for lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, possibly because they are a rich source of quercitin. And possibly due to their folate, they produce a calming effect. They are also beneficial for hair and skin health, and are cancer-fighters.

Onions are also a great prebiotic food. Prebiotics are the food for probiotics. Probiotics are important for maintaining a healthy digestive health.

How to use the Onion

Eat them!

While I have this annoying cough, I am making good use of the quintessential onion dish – French Onion Soup. Oh my goodness! How wonderful it feels to consume this hot brothy savory soup… I can feel it chasing away my cough with every bite. Even the act of creating this soup feels healing. As the onions saute and brown, they release that intoxicating aroma… soothing. You can make a very simple onion soup by sauteing thinly sliced onion, and adding beef broth and seasoning. Go slow and let those flavors develop. Add a crusty piece of bread with melted Gruyere on top and this dish can’t be beat.

If onion soup is not your thing, you can incorporate onions in an endless variety of dishes, from scrambled eggs or hash for breakfast to raw onion salads for lunch, and stir-fries for dinner.

Onion simmered in water with a little honey added is a traditional cough remedy. It can be eaten this way every few hours.

Juice them!

Juiced onions can be consumed or used externally in a compress to draw out pain and swelling from an insect bite.

More external use.

Onion packs can also be placed directly on the chest to relieve congestion. Some people claim that placing onion slices on the bottoms of your feet under socks (while you sleep) will draw out toxins. I do not know whether or not there is science on this. I can tell you that it will make your room smell delicious.

Air purifier

Onions cut in half and placed on a counter in the room are used to draw toxins from the air. For this reason, it is best not to eat an onion that has been sitting out. If you use an onion in this way, throw it out. When you refrigerate a cut onion, be sure to seal it well.

Tip: White onions are generally preferred over red for remedies.


This image comes form where you can also read about the history of French Onion Soup.

In any event, we are going through bags of sweet onions in my home and I am loving every minute of it!

Information on this site should NOT be taken as medical advice. Always consult your doctor in matters of health.

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