How to Prep for Daily Budwig Protocol Creamy Muesli

I am addicted!

But it’s a really good addiction. Our bodies know what they need and they respond when we are smart enough to listen to them. The first couple of times I made Johanna Budwig’s Muesli, it was horrible (to me). My friends loved it right away. For me, it was an acquired taste. But now it is part of my daily diet and I crave it.

Bonus! Besides all the incredible cancer and disease fighting power in this creamy muesli, the inherent sweetness has satisfied my sweet tooth so that I do not even want other desserts… aside from a small piece of dark chocolate each night… or maybe two pieces. 🙂

My daughter uses the vegan version with silken tofu. She loves it! And so does my carnivorous son… go figure. She now craves the stuff too.
And that is fine with me!

This post is about making this daily habit easy, if you choose to eat it daily.  A little advance prep makes for less time in the kitchen, less clean-up, and quicker access to all the delicious goodness in this muesli.

Find the recipes, uses, and information on Johanna Budwig on the following Links:

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You Will Need:

  • Immersion blender, or small blender
  • Coffee grinder or spice grinder
  • Little mason jars with lids, or your preferred containers


  • Fresh (check the date) organic cold-pressed flax oil, purchased from the refrigerator section
  • Sulphur protein of your choice (like organic cottage cheese) or tofu, if prefered
  • Fresh whole flaxseed
  • Optional: a sweetener, like honey or agave
  • Optional: organic fruits and nuts (see below)

Choose your containers

Glass jars or containers with lids can hold your protein and oil cream for about 3 days before they begin to separate. This way you to not have to use and clean your blender every day.


Make your Thick and Creamy Protein and Oil Base

Make up to 3 days worth of this base. It will stay emulsified in the fridge for about that long. After that it may begin to separate again.

Full original recipe here. Full dairy-free or vegan recipe here.

Easy Math

To decide how much to make at a time, determine how much you want to eat per day. Then multiply by 3 for a 3-day supply. An easy way to gauge the amount is per flax oil amount desired.

Example: If you want 2T flax oil per day. then for 3 days prepare a mixture of:

  • 6 T flax oil
  • 12 tablespoons (or 3/4 cup) protein (cottage cheese or tofu)

It is always about a 2:1 (cheese or tofu : oil) ratio. If this amount is desired for two people, just double it.

If using a mini blender, do this in batch amounts that your blender can easily handle.


Tip: Save a step, and some clean-up, as well as waste, by using an immersion blender in a mason jar to combine your mixture. Then you can simply unplug the immersion blender, scrape it off into the jar, put a lid on the jar and refrigerate. Done!




jar o tofu budwig1_600

Fill Containers

Another option, and a particularly nice one if you are preparing a batch for a friend, is to separate the protein-oil cream into single serving containers. Each serving just needs flax seed and fruit when ready to eat.



Here are silken tofu 1/2 cup mason jars with a walnut-date-cinnamon crust on the bottom. Crust recipe here.




You can also wash, slice, dice and store your fruits in advance. Dr. Budwig recommended things like organic berries, apples, peaches, and grapes. Bananas are considered too starchy for the Budwig protocol.

If you do not have fresh fruit, frozen fruit is fine. A friend adores frozen mango stirred in.


Optional: Nuts

Raw nuts of any kind can be thrown in when you are ready to eat.

If you want to make nuts more easily digestible and allow your body to absorb more nutrients from them, you can “sprout” them.

  • place nuts in a jar of filtered water in the fridge and allow them to soak overnight, or for at least 6 hours
  • drain off water and spread over paper towels on a cookie sheet to dry
  • freeze them in a single layer
  • when frozen, place them in a freezer-safe container and keep them in the freezer

Grab and eat anytime!



At Serving Time

One final convenience tip: keep whatever you like to use next to your coffee or spice grinder and ready to go. Depending on who is eating, we keep raw organic honey and maple syrup or raw agave.

And, of course, our raw whole flax seeds.


With a serving of the cream spooned into a small bowl, with fresh (or frozen) sweet fruit on top, you only need to add freshly ground flaxseed ant eat!


Note: If you want a little sweetness in the cream itself, you can stir some in.

The easiest, cleanest way I have found to sweeten my flaxseed is with a plate and a fork. Drizzle a little syrupy sweetener of your choice onto the plate…


Grind one tablespoon fresh whole flax seed and dump it onto the sweetener. Then quickly stir to combine the two ingredients until it gets nice and clumpy like a soft sweet granola.

It is alway one tablespoon freshly ground flax seed per person per serving no matter how much of the other ingredients are used.


Place your flax seed muesli over your creamy protein-oil mix and fruit. ENJOY!

… eat withing 15 minutes to get the full benefit of the flax seed without allowing to to become rancid and actually harmful.






Peace and well-being…

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